Where is 5XNW/Fifth By Northwest?

The 5XNW/Fifth by Northwest neighborhood is located just northwest of downtown Columbus. We’re west of the Ohio State University campus, south of Upper Arlington, and north of Grandview Heights.

Often mistaken for part of Grandview Heights, Fifth By Northwest or “5XNW” tips its hat to the Alfred Hitchcock movie “North By Northwest” circa 1959.   This classic spy thriller film starring Cary Grant is a case of mistaken identity.

Fifth Avenue and Northwest Boulevard are two of the 5XNW main thoroughfares. 5XNW shares bragging rights of Grandview Avenue with the City of Grandview Heights.  Grandview Avenue begins at King Avenue in 5XNW and becomes part of Grandview Heights south of the alley below Third Avenue in the historic Bank Block area.

This metropolitan gem, Grandview Avenue was once referred to as “America’s authentic Main Street”, by Jeff Baker who managed the now defunct Global Living.  Grandview Avenue is lined with upscale restaurants  that will entice you with delicious gourmet fare, hand-crafted cocktails and indie shops that carry a broad selection of gifts and unique merchandise.
Here are the rough boundaries of 5XNW/Fifth By Northwest:

North boundary: Kinnear Road
South boundary: Alley South of Third Avenue
West boundary: Wyandotte Road
East boundary: Olentangy River Road

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