Welcome to the Fifth By Northwest “Grandview” Neighborhood!

Welcome to the Fifth By Northwest “Grandview” Neighborhood
Fifth By Northwest is a newer, up-and-coming neighborhood, often referred to as “Grandview”, although it is actually Columbus proper.  5XNW.com is a community hub of information for people who live, work, own a business, or who just enjoy a night out in the Fifth By Northwest “Grandview” neighborhood.  We’re here to help you navigate living and getting to know this vibrant neighborhood of Columbus!
It’s close proximity to downtown Columbus, the Arena district, Short North and The Ohio State University make it a much sought-after place to live.  Couple that with high walkability (yes, that’s a word), residents find it easy to get around as pedestrians or as cyclists with the help of the city’s bike maintenance station right along Grandview Avenue.  Coco Bike Share stations, Car2Go, and COTA bus service make it additionally easy to get where you’re going.  New to Columbus?  Check out the city’s web site:  https://www.columbus.gov/
Our Purpose:  Promoting a Neighborhood Identity
Experts know that residents form a sense of community over shared experiences — what they and their family experience similarly in the way of government, schools, community events, etc. Building a healthy, more connected community helps promote safer neighborhoods, increases citizen participation, and improves neighborhood aesthetics through careful urban planning and supported civic improvements.
The pedestrian-friendly Fifth By Northwest “Grandview” neighborhood is attractive to diverse groups:  college students, young professionals, young families, and empty-nesters and seniors.  It’s a place where you can experience urban living combined with Midwest charm — modern and upbeat, but at a more laid-back pace than our counterparts on either the East or West coasts.
While not formally considered part of the “Tri-Village” (the century-old communities of Grandview Heights, Marble Cliff and Upper Arlington), Fifth By Northwest has it’s own unique identity, adding an urban edge to it’s proper suburban next door neighbors.  It’s not as refined or traditional as they are – with neatly manicured 2-story homes, tree-lined streets, cake walks, bingo fundraisers and annual Memorial Day and July Fourth parades.
The appeal of Fifth By Northwest or “Grandview” is it’s cool hip vibe, urban feel, a place where you can walk to neighborhood watering holes, shop one-of-a kind boutiques, get some fresh ink and save a bundle on vintage and repurposed finds at the plethora of resale shops.  Most recently, it’s a business-friendly place where young entrepreneurs can hang out a shingle, so to speak, and enjoy success as a small business owner.
Fifth By Northwest has been referred to as “Grandview” or “Grandview area”, ” and even the nameless moniker “the surrounding area”, but that is slowly changing as residents, local government volunteers and businesses claim a unique identity for their community.  The City of Columbus has proudly started an initiative to give Columbus neighborhoods such as Fifth By Northwest with distinctive signage and support in carving out their own identity with Neighborhood Pride designations, which 5XNW received in September 2013. https://www.columbus.gov/neighborhoodpride/  In 2016, newly-elected Mayor Ginther pledged his commitment to furthering these community promotion efforts with the kick off of the “Department of Neighborhoods”, which includes consolidation of the the city’s 311 call center and Neighborhood Pride programs.

What’s In A Name?

Often mistaken for part of Grandview Heights, Fifth By Northwest or “5XNW” tips its hat to the Alfred Hitchcock movie “North By Northwest” circa 1959.   This classic spy thriller film starring Cary Grant is a case of mistaken identity.

Fifth Avenue and Northwest Boulevard are two of the main thoroughfares in Fifth By Northwest. This slice of Columbus shares bragging rights of the unique gem known as Grandview Avenue, with the City of Grandview Heights. Grandview Heights, known for it’s historic Bank Block, ends south of the alley south of Third Avenue (by The Avenue restaurant and Balboa) and becomes Fifth By Northwest from the alley all the way up to King Avenue.  An easy way to tell you are in Columbus is that you will need to feed the meter for street parking along Grandview Avenue.

Grandview Avenue has been referred to as America’s “authentic Main Street” by Jeff Baker who previously managed the now defunct Global Living retail establishment in the building now occupied by Loth.  It’s lined with upscale restaurants  that will entice you with delicious gourmet fare, hand-crafted cocktails and indie shops that carry a broad selection of gifts and unique merchandise.
Live in Fifth By Northwest?  Get involved in Local Government!
The Fifth By Northwest Area Commission is an arm of Columbus city government, made up of resident volunteers, who serve as local representatives who provide input and leadership for community development, especially in areas of zoning and planning.  Area Commissioners meet monthly at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00p.m.  The meetings are open to the public and all are invited to attend.  Click here for additional information: https://www.columbus.gov/areacommissions/5thbynorthwest/